Name of publication:

  • In Vietnamese: TOP 10 Doanh nghiệp CNTT Việt Nam 2021
  • In English: TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021
  • In Japanese: 2021年ベトナムトップ10IT企業


2. Participant and conditions of the program: Details are in Appendix 02

3. Registration of the program:

  • Companies learn the Program Regulations, choose the fields to participate in.
  • Categories: Enterprises choose one of 16 categories (above) to register for participation. Each company can register up to 03 fields.
  • Registration method:
    1. Access link: to register and open an account
    2. Declaration according to instructions
    3. Online submission
    4. Additional related documents:
      1. Registration form
      2. Copy of Business Registration Certificate
  • Certificates, certificates of merit, certificates (if any)

4. Content of the program:

The program includes 3 activities as follows:

  • Activity 1: Evaluating and selecting Top 10 IT leading companies 2021 within 18 categories
  • Activity 2: Compiling and releasing the printed special publication “TOP 10 Doanh nghiệp CNTT Việt Nam 2021 (in English: TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021) in Vietnamese, English and Japanese, soft versions on 3 websites; and
  • Activity 3: Introducing and promoting information about TOP 10 Vietnam IT Companies 2021 to domestic and international potential partners and customers.
  • Hosting the announcement and awarding “TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021” and publication launch ceremony: “TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021”
  • Introducing and releasing the publication to more than 5,000 IT applied agencies, companies and customers over the country, 10,000 potential partners in over 100 different countries and territories to expand the chance of cooperating and finding targeted customers.

5. Selection criteria:

Enterprises eligible for the program will be assessed and selected according to the 7 following criteria:

  1. Financial indicators (capital, revenue, profit…)
  2. Human resource (scale, qualification, human growth…)
  3. Products, services, solutions, markets and customers (market structure, market share; growth of market share, market; typical customers; customer care, security and copyright…)
  4. Technology, R&D and management capacity (chứng chỉ năng lực công nghệ/các công nghệ đang sử dụng, ISO, CMMi, hoạt động R&D…)
  5. Công tác lãnh đạo và quản trị doanh nghiệp (certificate of technology / technology in use, ISO, CMMi, R&D activities …)
  6. Awards, titles and recognized achievements in production and business activities and corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.
  7. Specific evaluation criteria for each field are assessed (security, technology, infrastructure …)

General evaluation criteria will be concretized into scoring criteria for each category. The score sheet according to Appendix 3.

6. Selection board and assessment principle:

  • The selection board formed by VINASA consists of experts in relevant fields, representatives of government agencies, press agencies… The selection board will evaluate profiles to select a list of TOP 10 Vietnam ICT companies 2021 by 18 categories.
  • To ensure objectivity and accuracy, the selection board holds a presentation round for businesses to present directly to the judging board.
  • At the presentation round, the judging board scores the presentation of enterprises according to the criteria, evaluation and scoring table of the program.
  • At the final selection round, each head judge reports on the presentation results of the candidates, the selection board decides the final result according to the majority. 10 companies with the highest scores in each category will be chosen.
  • The number of selected companies in each category maximum is 10 and minimum is 1.

7. Selection process:

  • Step 1: Registration: Companies read profoundly the Regulations of the Program and choose the registered categories (Each enterprise can choose up to 3 categories). Program details and registration instructions are at:
  • Step 2: Profile scanning: The Organizing Committee examines and selects eligible companies by scanning submitted profiles
  • Step 3: Presentation
  • Step 4: Organize the final selection round to evaluate and select TOP 10 ICT companies 2021.

8. Benefits for selected enterprises:

  • Certified ad TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021 in the selected field.
  • To use and commercially exploit the program’s logo.
  • To use the program’s logo on the interface, packaging and promotional materials, introduction of their units.
  • To be introduced on website:
  • Information and images about enterprises are introduced separately in the publication“TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021 ” with three versions: Vietnamese, English and Japanese (each version has 2 pages).
  • To be received 02 publications in Vietnamese, 02 publications in English and 02 publications in Japanese.
  • Information about the publication was introduced and promoted on more than 10 domestic media channels, especially to leading press agencies such as:;;; ; ;;
  • To communicate on demand of businesses with special incentive packages for selected businesses.
  • The soft version of the publication is presented online, can be viewed or downloaded at:;
  • TOP 10 enterprises are introduced and propagated in Vietnam ICT Summit 2021 on 14th July 2021 (many attractive deals).
  • TOP 10 enterprises will be introduced for free on the website; stamped TOP 10 ICT companies on the description of Enterprises for a period of 1 year.
  • Enterprises are promoted, introduced, supported to connect to more than 2,000 agencies and large enterprises IT application in the country and potential customers and partners in more than 100 countries and territories around the world. (For details see Appendix 01)
  • Priority to participate in domestic and international trade promotion programs organized by VINASA.
  • Priority invitation to participate in major events of Vietnam’s IT industry organized by VINASA online and offline every year.
  • To enjoy cost incentives when participating in trade promotion programs, brand promotion activities organized by VINASA.
  • To get a discount when buying Special Publications as marketing materials for businesses.

9. Obligations of the selected enterprises:

  • Comply with the Program Rules and regulations of the Organizing Committee; cooperate with the Organizing Committee to complete information about enterprises published in the publication “TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021” in 3 languages: Vietnamese, English and Japanese.
  • Contribute to the budget for editing, printing, publishing and promoting the publication “TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021” with 3 versions and general activities of the program as committed when registering.
  • Appoint leaders’ representatives to attend the Announcement Ceremony and receive the Certificate of  “TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021”.
  • Constantly maintaining and developing the reputation of the business and working closely with VINASA in building and protecting the overall reputation of the Program.

10. Cost:

  • Cost for organizing the program is from sponsorship, advertising and companies.
  • Companies are free to register to join the program. After the voting results are available, TOP 10 selected companies will contribute the costs of translating, editing, printing and publishing publications. Cost depends on the companies’ turnover and is specified in the Decision on Cost Contributing (Decision on Cost Contributing is posted at:

11. Handling of violation:

VINASA has the right to delete the name of an enterprise selected in the list of TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021 if such enterprise has one of the following violations:

  • Providing false information in the application for participation in the Program.
  • There are illegal activities confirmed by the authorities.
  • Taking actions that adversely affect the reputation of the Program.
  • Violation of Program Rules.