1. General information

  • Name of publication:
    • In Vietnamese: Top 10 Doanh nghiệp CNTT Việt Nam 2021
    • In English: TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021
    • In Japanese: 2021 年 の ト ッ プ 10ICT ベ ト ナ ム 企業
  • Content: providing detailed information on the capabilities of TOP 10 ICT companies in each field in order to help those companies connect and seek for new partners for domestic and international market expansion.
  • Languages: Vietnamese, English and Japanese.
  • Mode of publication: printed version and soft copies.
  • Number of release: 15,000 printed copies (7,000 Vietnamese editions, 6,000 English editions, 2,000 Japanese editions); dimension of 205x280mm, soft copies will be introduced to over 10,000 potential IT partners in Vietnam and overseas.
  • Release time: 7/2021.
  • Scale and mode of publication:
    • Domestic: Release directly at events organized by VINASA; Introduce publications to leaders of central government and localities agencies, enterprises, organizations, potential customers.
    • International: send soft copies via emails to enterprises, organizations, potential customers in 100 countries and territories; distribute to organizations in which VINASA is a member such as ASOCIO (Asian-Oceanian Computing Industry Organization), WITSA (World Information Technology And Services Alliance), APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) and global organizations in partnership with VINASA; directly distribute as gifts to clients at international events via trade missions led by VINASA to United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia… The publication will also be the hands-on material when hosting international groups visiting and working with VINASA.

2. Structure of publication

  • Preface of the Chairman of VINASA
  • Ranking alphabetically of TOP 10 ICT Companies according to category, revenue and employment size
  • Overview of Vietnam’s ICT industry 2021
  • Introduction of TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021, by 16 categories
  • Technological capabilities of TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2021
  • Appendix: Relevant organizations; typical ICT events of Vietnam 2021; Key activities of Vietnam’s IT industry within 2021-2022.