1. Program’s name
  • In Vietnamese: Top 10 doanh nghiệp CNTT hàng đầu Việt Nam 2020
  • In English: TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020
  • In Japanese: 2020年ベトナムトップ10IT企業
  1. Organizer: Vietnam Software and IT Services Association – VINASA
  2. Participants and Eligibility Criteria

Enterprises fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to register for the program.

  • Established legally under Vietnam’s law with a track record of at least 3 years.
  • Operate effectively, have market shares, revenue growth or advanced technology.
  • Have qualified application profiles according to the program’s regulation.
  1. Registration:
  • Read the regulations of the Program clearly and choose the field to participate in.
  • Assessment field: Companies choose the categories which is company strengths to apply (3 categories at most per company)
  • Registration guidelines:
    1. Sign up at:  to create account
    2. Fill in required information
    3. Apply online registration form
    4. Submit relevant documents:
      • 01 sealed and signed registration hard copy
      • 01 copy of business license
      • Certificates and merits (if any)
  1. Program Content
  • Activity 1: Selecting TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies in 15 categories
  • Activity 2: Compiling the special publication TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020 in Vietnamese, English and Japanese, printing and uploading soft copies on the official websites and
  • Activity 3: Introducing and promoting images of  Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies to both domestic and international potential partners and customers

+ Organizing a press conference to announce and release the publication: “TOP 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020”

+ Hosting the announcement ceremony: “Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020”

+ Introducing and distributing the publication to more than 2.000 IT applied agencies, companies and customers over the country, 10.000 potential partners in over 100 different countries and territories to expand the chance of cooperating and finding targeted customers.

  1. Selection criteria:

Enterprises eligible for the program will be assessed based on 06 fundamental groups of following criteria:

  1. Financial indexes (capital, revenue, profit…)
  2. Manpower (quantity, professional level, HR growth…)
  3. Markets and customers (market structure, market share; market share growth, markets; typical customers; customer services,…)
  4. Technologies and products (technological capacity/ technologies on use, outstanding projects/ products, R&D activities, security and copyrights…)
  5. Leadership and management (leadership capability, vision, strategy, company administration, legal obedience, company culture…)
  6. Special achievements (awards, titles,..) of business operation and/ or certificates of CSR activities
  7. Specific evaluation criteria to each assessed field (security, technology, infrastructure …)

The general evaluation criteria will be concretized into scoring criteria for each field. The scorecard table for each area is attached

  1.  Selection board and conduct of assessment:
  • The selection board formed by VINASA consists of experts in relevant fields, representatives of government agencies, press agencies… The selection board will examine and evaluate profiles to select a list of Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies 2020 in 15 categories.
  • To ensure objectivity and accuracy, a Presentation Round will be organized for businesses to present directly to the Selection board.
  • At the presentation round, the selection board will evaluate each company according to the selection criteria and the scoring table of the program
  • At the Final round, the leader of each assessment team will report on the company presentation result, and the Board decides on the principle of majority. 10 companies with the highest scores according to the principle of selection from high to will be selected and recognized as Top 10.
  1. Selection process:
  • Step 1: Registration: Companies read profoundly the Regulations of the Program and choose the registered categories; filling the online registration form at:
  • Step 2: Profiles scanning: The Organizing Committee examines and selects eligible profiles.
  • Step 3: Directly evaluate the qualified company profiles via their presentation
  • Step 4: Organize panel to evaluate and select Top 10 ICT Companies.
  1. Benefits of Selected companies:
  • To be recognized as one of the leading Vietnam’s ICT companies in registered categories
  • To be introduced on:
  • Entitled with a brief introduction in the printed and e-publication: “Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies” in 3 versions: Vietnamese, English and Japanese (02 pages for each version).
  • To be presented with 02 copies for each version.
  • To be commercially promoted and introduced to more than 2.000 IT applied agencies, companies and customers over the country, 10.000 potential partners in over 100 different countries and territories to expand the chance of cooperating and finding the targeted customers. (have a look at Appendix 01 for further details)
  • To be prioritized to take part in trade promotion programs and significant IT events hosted by VINASA
  • To be financially benefited when taking part  in events or programs hosted by VINASA
  • To be discounted when purchase publications for marketing activities
  1. Duties of selected companies:
  • Comply with the program guidelines and regulations; cooperate with VINASA to complete the contents uploaded in the publication “Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies”.
  • Contribute budget to initiate the program’s activities according to terms & conditions in the registration form.
  • Elect representatives of the management board to attend the Announcement Ceremony and receive certificates of “Top 10 Vietnam ICT Companies”.
  • Maintain and develop brand reputation consistently while working closely with VINASA to build and protect the reputation of the Program.
  1. Fee:
  • The budget for organizing the program is generated from sponsorship, advertisement and supports of enterprises.
  • Free registration
  • 50 + 10 selected companies will contribute to the fee of translating, editing and publishing the publication, based on the size of each company. The fee decision is attached below.
  1. Penalty for violation:

VINASA has the rights to eliminate the selected enterprise from the list of Vietnam’s 50+10 leading IT companies if that enterprise has one of the following violations:

  • Provide false information in the Application Profile.
  • Engage in illegal activities affirmed by the Authority.
  • Have actions that affect the reputation of the program negatively.
  • Violate the rules and regulations of the program.